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Senior High School Plus Cadets

Akterlis Medan High School Plus Taruna is a high school in the field of cadets domiciled in the city of Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. This cadet high school has national and international standard education levels. Since its establishment in 2018 SMAPTAM and until now this cadet school has continued to grow and now has hundreds of students studying at SMAPTAM.

The Vision and Mission of SMAPTAM School is to educate students in religion, educate students in terms of discipline and educate students in the natural sciences, biology, science, and technology. In character building SMAPTAM focuses more on disciplining students in character, physical and spiritual so that they become cadet students who excel in all fields of work.

SMAPTAM also has a mainstay major, namely the Department of Natural Sciences (IPA) where cadet students are given lessons about biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry and science. The location of the SMAPTAM school is in a strategic place in the center of the city of Medan, the capital of North Sumatra, Indonesia. Career opportunities for cadet students to become TNI, Polri and civil servants, with a level ranking can enroll in the Akmil (Military Academy) Akpol (Police Academy).

SMA Plus Taruna Akterlis Medan High School has Accreditation A for superior schools in the city of Medan, being one of the A-accredited cadet schools out of a number of cadet schools in the city of Medan, teachers who teach at SMAPTAM schools have bachelor to master and doctoral education levels and decades of experience.